Bavarian chauffeur tour city - Bayreuth

Wagner festival hall

Bayreuth is mainly know as the city of the famous Richard Wagner Festival. Though the Margravial Opera House of Bayreuth became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. Others consider the weat beer of the local Maisels brewery of the most important side. The brewery museum is proved as one of the best in the world. Or you like to visit one of the palaces. The new castle Eremitage with its sun tempel and beautiful park is just one option in and around Bayreuth.

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Places to go: Wagner festival hall, Margravial Opera House, Eremitage Palace, Maisels beer & brewery museum
Time to spend: half a day
Things to do: Wagner, Opera, Art or Beer are the reasons to go to Bayreuth
Good to know: Major restauration started in 2013 at the Margravial Opera House.
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