Bavarian chauffeur tour city - Berlin

Germany’s capital and by far biggest city is one of the most exciting European place. After Germany’ reunification so many things changed, two separated cities are growing together again – there are always new things to discover. Berlin houses some great museums, theatres, our national Parlament in the Reichstag (open to the public, a great view from the glass dome), Alexander-square, book burning square, Gendarmenmarket (maybe the most beautiful place), Checkpoint Charlie… - it’s an endless list of things to do. And the party animals will be pleased to hear that Berlin is famous for the nightlife – indeed, lot’s of bars and clubs are open all night long, some of them 24 hours. Berlin is a place that should not be missed on a Germany tour.

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Places to go: Reichstag (Parliament), Gendarmenmarket, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz etc.
Time to spend: minimum 1-2 day
Things to do: what ever you can imagine.
Good to know: Nights in Berlin can be very long!
What´s next: Hamburg - Dresden - Weimar - Bavaria
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