Bavarian chauffeur tour city - Heidelberg

Heidelberg Castle

A glorious natural setting, the unique harmony of castle, old town and river in slightly rolling hills - Heidelberg is on of the top highlights in Europe. The city of the oldest German university (founded in 1386) has a history of more than 800 years. The top sights are the Renaicassance castle (with the world`s biggest wine barrel), the philosophers walk with a spectacular view of the old town and the flair of an old town that has not been destroyed during the war.

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Places to go: Heidelberg Castle, Great Vat, Philosophenweg, University, German Pharmaceutical Museum
Time to spend: about half a day
Things to do: Mainly a walk around the castle.
Good to know: German universities usualy use buildings in the city centers. So there is no campus.
What´s next: Baden-Baden / Black Forest - Rothenburg - Rhein Valley
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