Bavarian chauffeur tour city - Regensburg

Enjoy the beautiful city of Regensburg which became UNESCO World Heritage in 2006.

Located at a strategic position at the confluence of Regen and Danube the former Roman settlement developed to one of the most important cities of the middle ages. Regensburg was seat of the Perpetual Diet (permanent parliament of the Holy Roman Emire of German Nation). Sights like the old stone bridge (first one in Europe) , the main church "Dom" and Tuscany style residential towers are just a some of the highlights. Today Regensburg is a flourishing university town with lot`s of cultural life.

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Places to go: 12th-century Stone Bridge, Roman gateway from 179 A. D, St Peter’s Cathedral, The Regensburg Cathedral Boys’ Choir, Christmas market, etc.
Time to spend: spend a day and / or a night there
Things to do: Strole around the old town and check out small shops, bars and cafes.
Good to know: Regensburg has an endless number of pubs and bars in the old town and many students which go there.
What´s next: Munich - Nuremberg - Franconian Switzerland
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