Bavarian chauffeur tour city - Weimar

Goethe & Schiller (Weimar)

Culturally seen, Weimar is one of Germany ´s highlights. Our two most famous poets Goethe and Schiller, and the great baroque composer J.S. Bach are still present. The architecture school “Bauhaus” had it’s origin here (later on they were persecuted by the Nazis and had to leave Weimar, Gropius started a new career in New York where he built skyscrapers). Next to Weimar is “Buchenwald” a former Concentration Camp with a great documentation. A great supplement for your Germany tour.

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Places to go: Buchenwald Concentration camp, Bauhaus Museum, Goethe House, Schiller House, Liszt House etc.
Time to spend: one day and/or one night
Things to do: Get deep into German art and/or visit Buchenwald Concentration Camp
Good to know: 1919-1933 Weimar Republic = 1 periode of democracy in Germany
What´s next: Berlin - TooT theme tour "Luther & Reformation" - Bavaria
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