Franconian Switzerland

Bavarian chauffeur tour - Franconian Switzerland

A beautiful rocky landscape between Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth with lovely rivers, uncounted castles and hundreds of breweries – you don’t need more words for a perfect description of “Franconian Switzerland” (Germans name all beautiful areas Swiss or Switzerland). An area for all kinds of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing canoeing and plenty more, but also for those who love charming villages, castles and traditional German food. A secret highlight that should be visited on every tour through Bavaria.

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Places to go: Bamberg, Bayreuth, Nürnberg
Time to spend: half a day to one night
Things to do: Beer hike, caves, canoeing, steam train,
Good to know: Paradise for beer drinkers and free climbers.
What´s next: Regensburg - Munich - Rothenburg - Würzburg - Prague.
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"Fraenkische Schweiz" by Mikmaq
"Fraenkische Schweiz" by Mikmaq