TooT Theme Tour - Beer & Wine

Tour Summary

Life is too short to drink bad wine or beer. In Germany you find plenty of those excellent liquids. We would like to show you the rich and long tradition behind our national drinks by taking you to old vineries, breweries and / or hops farms.
We will give you chances to try different samples of our local products every day. On your personal customized TooT beer & wine theme tour there will be enough time to enjoy a good white/red wine or a nice German beer whenever you want to. It is hard to visit Germany without talking about wine and beer. Interested? Than we will design a driver guided tour for you with a special focus on this theme.

TooT Theme Tour Information

Places to go: The German vineyards are located along the big rivers like Rhine, Main and Mosel. Most breweries are found in Bavaria.
Time to spend: 2 - 3 hours at one place
Things to do: Brewery tour, wine tasting, special theme walks, museums
Good to know: You don´t need to drink wine or beer to focus on this TooT theme tour - but it helps a lot if you like it
What´s next: A good meal, a walk, a castle or some history
For more information: send us a TooT theme tour inquiry